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Dorji Applied Technologies offers the most competitive RF modules which can be used in wireless data logger, sensor network, telemetry and automatic metering reading solutions. For wireless data transmission applications, we provide module with different output power ranges for rigid requirements on distance and reliable communication quality. Our unique networking protocol is utilized in automatic metering reading products successfully. Because of its robust communication link and intelligent networking ability, our metering modules have been widely used in electric meters, gas meters and other energy monitoring devices.

Dorji Applied Technologies is a solution-oriented company which features "high quality and excellent service ". Our team has never been satisfied with what we have achieved and is keeping improving existing products to minimize customers' operating costs and developing more innovative products to meet more challengeable requirements from customers.

The modules of Dorji Applied Technologies are based on the most popular RF transceiver IC from ADI, Silicon labs, etc. According to power consumption, DORJI's modules can be divided into low power consumption module (DRF1212D10) and high power consumption module such as DRF7020 series. By main applications, the product portfolio can be classified into data transmission module and meter automatic reading modules.
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