868/915MHz LoRa Sx1262 UART Module DRF1262DS
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DRF1262DS is a type of low cost and long range data radio modem based on the new generation of Lora chip sx126x from Semtech. It has the advantages of low receive current, long transmission range and strong anti-interference ability. It adopts high resolution TCXO which improves the reliability and robustness in the whole working temperature. DRF1262DS can work steadily even at extra low RF data rate. It has the standard UART interface so users can change the default parameters by using the configuration tool through computer or AT commands by MCU.
* 868/915MHz ISM frequency band
* High sensitivity: -143dBm @ power mode 0
* Max. Output power: 22dBm
* RF data rate: 0.073~62.5k bps
* UART data rate: 1.2~57.6k bps
* Standard /star network mode
* Multiple channel & air wake-up
* Receive current: 10mA
* Sleep current: 2uA
* Working voltage: 3.4~6V
* Working temperature: -40~+85℃

Home automation,  Security alarm,  Telemetry,  Automatic meter reading,  Contactless access,  Wireless data logger,  Remote motor control,  Wireless sensor network
The module has two work modes: standard data transmission (or transparent data transmission) and star network. It also provides four types of power saving modes: short-preamble, long-preamble, CAD monitor and full sleep, which can be switched by the levels of I/O pins. The maximum data package size of the module is 200 bytes.

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