868MHz 915MHz SX1276 Module DRF1276G
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DRF1276G is a type of low cost RF front-end transceiver module based on SX1276 from Semtech Corporation. It keeps the advantages of RFIC SX1276 but simplifies the circuit design. The high sensitivity (-139dBm) in LoRa modulation and 20dBm high power output make the module suitable for low range and low data rate applications.
* (G)FSK/4(G)FSK/LoRa Modulation
* 868/915MHz transceiver
* 20dBm output power
* -139dBm sensitivity
* Standard SPI interface
* 127dB dynamic Range RSSI
* Automatic RF sense and CAD monitor
* Data Rate: <300 kbps
* Standby current: <1uA
*Supply voltage: 1.8~3.6V

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DRF1276G module consists of RFIC SX1276, thin SMD crystal and antenna matching circuit. The antenna port is well matched to standard 50 Ohm impedance. Users don’t need to spend time in RF circuit design and choose suitable antennas for different applications. DRF1276G operates at 1.8~3.6V with extra low standby current which makes it suitable for battery powered-up applications. Because DRF1276G is purely hardware module and it adopts ±10ppm crystal which the resolution of it places a important role in calculating spreading factor, bandwidth, etc. Users need to read the datasheet of SX1276 carefully in order to use the module in the best performance.

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