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Wireless Sensor Module
Part Name: DRF4432S
Category: GFSK receiver module
Features: 433MHz receiver
-120dBm sensitivity
Multi-channel selection
Data rate: 3.123k~81.25k bps
Standard UART interface
Receive current: < 20mA
Standby current: < 3uA
Supply voltage: 3.4~5.5V

Part Name: DRF5150S
Category: GFSK transmitter module
Features: 433MHz transmitter
10dBm output power
Data rate: 3.123k~81.25k bps
Multi-channel selection
Six sensor working modes
Standard UART interface
Supply voltage: 2.1~3.6V


The sensor receiver module DRF4432S has the same hardware platform as data transmission transceiver module DRF4432D20. Though both of them use transceiver SI4432 as RF part, DRF4432S module only can be used as a receiver so it can't communicate with DRF4432D20 module. The DRF4432S collects sensor information from different sensor transmitters and transfer data at fixed format which is determined by the sensor working mode configured through DRF TOOL 5150.

DRF5150S is a type of transmitter module based on TDA5150 RFIC. DRF5150S10 module can access data from selected analogue or digital sensors without external MCU and it sends out data randomly in a short time slot so the data bumping can be reduced greatly. It means one receiver module DRF4432S can obtain data from many transmitter modules without specially conception. It supports six types of sensor working modes so users only need to update the working mode to apply different sensor applications without replacing wireless module. This feature provides great flexibility in updating present wireless sensor systems.


Temperature & humidity Measurement, Wireless data logger, Wireless sensor network, etc.